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N’shei Ichud Hashas Zichron Binyomin Tzvi is a welcome resource for women across our community who are eager to enjoy intriguing programs custom tailored for them.


Our mission is to create a growing sense of camaraderie amongst all the members of the Miami Beach Community with our spectacular events, life-changing classes, and new exciting opportunities for growth and connection.


It is certain that over time, this community will also become your family.

N’shei Ichud Hashas Zichron Binyomin Tzvi is a program of Ichud Hashas Zichron Binyomin Tzvi and the Kollel Boker Zichron Boruch of Miami Beach.

Partner Organizations

Kollel Boker Zichron Boruch
With its membership currently at 65, Kollel Boker is comprised of working professionals who commit to learning every day same time, same place, much like in yeshiva - tests and all. Each person is assigned a chavrusa who they can learn closely with as the entire group works through the same gemara every session. A weekly Friday chabura ends each week with a different assigned talmid giving the shiur, giving everyone equal opportunity to challenge themselves not only to learn well, but also to teach well.


Ichud Hashas Zichron Binyomin Tzvi

Weekends aren't only for fun and leisure, they are a great time for learning too! Such is the belief of Ichud Hashas, a Shabbos and Sunday learning program for working professionals. The program features a more b'kiyus learning style, and allows participants to learn wherever they physically are. The program only keeps getting bigger and will soon include monthly tests, a nightly learning program in Miami Beach, and monthly get-togethers for all participants and their families to spend a fun afternoon together.


Bais Mordechai of Hollywood
Bais Mordechai aims to be a "home away from home" for working professionals. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to come and learn, daven with a minyan, or simply eat and hang out. They are also welcome to participate in events such as the weekly Sunday and Tuesday night programs and women's Wednesday classes, to name a few. However, simply put, Bais Mordechai aims to be a spiritual oasis for all who need it: a place where people can come, spend some time with us, and leave feeling spiritually stronger.


N'shei Ichud Hashas Zichron Binyomin Tzvi 

While the first three programs are for the men, N'shei Ichud Hashas caters to the women in the community, typically the wives of the men involved in the other learning programs. The N'shei offers women their own opportunity to grow spiritually and just as importantly, the opportunity to connect and spend time with the other women. There is always a variety of events on the N'shei's calendar, from fun social gatherings, to talks from guest speakers, cooking classes, and more.





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