“I just listened to the first class and am blown away by how you so clearly helped me see so much so fast. I feel like all the work I have been trying to do but not moving forward with the way I would like just got put on one piece and set out like a fireworks display in front of me.... Everything from Breslev to Louise Hay to Chaya Hinda Allen all wrapped up clearly... Light bulb!!"


Milcah G.

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- How your thoughts create your reality - and how your words and thoughts attract the life you are living RIGHT NOW!

- How to recreate your deep beliefs about life to get the life you want

- The power of GRATITUDE

- The key that opens the door to all blessings: HISBODEDUS

- What EMUNAH really means

- How you can practically use Emunah to upgrade your life in a powerful way

- The law of attraction based on Jewish sources


Class 1: What is Emunah? || Nov 6th, 8pm

Home of Cypy Winkler

3725 Pine Tree Dr., Miami Beach


Class 2: Your Mind, Your Magnet || Nov 13th, 8pm
Home of Elizabeth Berman
4333 North Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach


Class 3: Affirmations - Making it Happen! || Nov 20th,8pm
Home of Ilana Reich
3437 Prairie Ave., Miami Beach


Class 4: GRATITUDE - the Key to Attracting Blessing || Nov 27th, 8pm
Home of Ilana Lamet
4514 Sheridan Ave., Miami Beach


Class 5: Limiting and Empowering Beliefs || Dec 4th, 8pm
Home of Lauren Saka
835 W 47th St., Miami Beach


Class 6: The Total Game Changer: Hisbodedus || Dec 11th, 8pm
Home of Margalit Saka
2430 Prairie Ave., Miami Beach



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